Making Waves Since 2015

From its start-up in the year 2015, the Keystone team has now grown into an impressive workforce that is able to undertake and execute large projects while delivering consistent quality. Over these past years we have worked with many of the bigwigs in Oman and built our foundation and reputation in the market. We have also garnered international partnerships in key areas, which enable us to deliver world-class services to Omani clients.

Our expertise lies in our scientific and systems-based approach in resolving the pain points of our clients. At the same time we are able to customize our offerings in a manner that is suited to the needs of each individual customer. We continuously invest in cutting-edge technology to provide accurate, on-time and efficient services.

However, what truly sets us apart from the competition is our personnel development programs. We focus on improving the skills of our staff on a continuous basis to match ever-changing industry requirements.

Corporate Vision

To conduct business with honesty and integrity, on a global scale such that eminent entrepreneurs flock to Oman recognizing it as a hub for business.

People Focus

Qualified &
Experienced Staff

Our hiring process ensures technical competency and even superiority. Our staff are capable of working fully unsupervised in the field.

Proficient Management

The management team has a deep understanding of the industry. We believe in working to create a conducive environment for the staff to perform at their best, which forms the cornerstone of our Lean Management Strategy.

Training &

We have a system of ongoing HR Development which takes input from our daily Performance Monitoring module. Areas of improvement are pointed out on a regular basis and thus skills are fine tuned continuously.